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Which Engineering Exam should you concentrate on, JEE or State Exams?

Engineering is the keyway to most of the careers in the world. Engineering acts as the base for all the leading technologies. We can develop numerous technologies in blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation with the help of engineering sciences. All these branches are termed circuited branches in engineering.

Apart from that, there are many other non-circuit branches in engineering, namely mechanical, civil, industrial, etc. The competition for jobs there is fierce and constant. It is understandable why engineering is so many students’ aspirations. Hence, online IIT-JEE coaching is trending today because one must crack the IIT-JEE exam to get admission to reputed engineering colleges. ‘

Let’s look at the exams we should take in this blog to pursue our dream of attending engineering colleges and being successful engineers. The main topic of this blog is whether we should take the state admission exams, which vary according to the university, or the generalized engineering test (JEE), offered every two years. Offline and online IIT-JEE coaching and online CET coaching are available for both exams to help students crack the exam.

What is an Engineering Entrance Exam for Aspirants?

An entrance test enables aspirants to get admission to any college, university, or institution. An engineering exam is a ticket for admission to prestigious engineering institutes and universities. All around the nation and even the world, several admission tests are being held. And for that purpose, proper guidance and coaching are available for students all over the country. IIT-JEE online coaching is available for students to get the best coaching from faculties all over the nation.

Additionally, these exams are divided into central and state entrance exams in our country. There are numerous such tests in that regard for each state, and they are either conducted by the state or by the universities themselves. Similarly, most students favor the GATE and JEE common central engineering entrance tests after completing their undergraduate degrees (for getting admission in undergraduate courses). JEE tests come in two different formats; one is JEE Main and the other JEE Advanced. Online IIT-JEE coaching and online CET coaching are available for both the entrance exams to make it easy for students to get the best guidance from experienced faculty all over India.

Details of the JEE Main and JEE Advanced Exams:

The engineering candidates will take the JEE Mains after completing the 12th grade. It serves as a route to IITs and NITs. The next phase is for candidates to pass JEE Advanced, the final exam after they have passed JEE Main. In JEE Main, there are three papers that one must complete. Here are several examples:

  • Paper 1:

The paper is a BE/B.Tech one. Since the exam is computer-based, candidates can only complete this paper on a computer (CBT).

  • Paper 2 A:

BArch paper is Paper 2 A. Candidates must use CBT to complete Parts 1 and 2. The aptitude and mathematics tests are contained in one of these two sections. You can find a drawing test in Part 3 of this document. Since it requires pen and paper, you must complete it on paper. On an A4- sized drawing page, the students try this portion.

  • Paper 2 B:

This paper is a B.Planning paper. Only CBT mode is available for this. Three pieces are present. The paper is split into two segments: Part 1 is a math test, and Part 2 is an aptitude test. Planning-based questions are found in the third portion, or Part 3.

JEE 2022’s scoring system is relatively straightforward. The applicants receive four marks for each correct response and a negative score (-1) for each incorrect answer.

It would help you appear for mock tests to understand these scoring systems. Mock tests are just replicas of the main exam, and the more tests you appear for, the more confident you become. Online IIT-JEE coaching classes conduct a series of mock tests, which you must take to crack JEE exam.

Details of the State-level Entrance Exams:

In our nation, state-level admission tests are held in each state. For every state, there is at least one exam. The respective state governments administer these tests. In such exams, the primary goal is the admission of qualified candidates to UG programs in polytechnic, engineering, allied health science, and other disciplines. For qualified candidates, they give state quota seats.

Students are given proper offline and online CET coaching to get through these state engineering entrance tests.

The following are the state-level entrance exams:

1. MH-CET:

The Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MH CET) is a state-level entrance exam that the Maharashtra government administers. Students who pass this exam may be admitted to technology, engineering, and pharmacy programs.

These courses are offered throughout Maharashtra at numerous private and public colleges. And coaching for the exams is also given to students for better performance. The State Common Entrance Test Cell of Maharashtra’s government controls this test. CET online classes give assistance and guidance to students all over the country.


The Tamil Nadu government administers the state-level entrance test known as TANCET or Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test. It is held so that graduate-level applicants can enroll in engineering or management programs. The exam’s qualifying applicants will be admitted to
prestigious colleges and universities around Tamil Nadu.

3. CET Delhi:

The Delhi Department of Training and Technical Education offers CET Delhi (Delhi Polytechnic). Many applicants seeking admission to diploma programs in engineering and non-engineering take this state-level exam. Additionally, it enables them to enroll in second-year engineering diploma programs at numerous Delhi institutions.

4. KCET:

Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) is a state-level test administered by KEA (Karnataka Examinations Authority). This examination is also known as KCET or Kar CET. It gives applicants options and facilitates their admission to engineering and pharmacy programs in Karnataka.

5. GCET:

The Goa Common Entrance Test is the full name of the test. A state-level exam is given to students to help them get accepted into professional degree programs in fields like engineering, pharmacy, and architecture. The Goa Directorate of Technical Education organizes this test.

Entrance Exams of Private Universities:

Many prestigious colleges in our nation hold entrance exams for admission in addition to the tests taken at the state and federal levels. These are tests that are unique to each university. The majority of universities that provide these tests are deemed universities.

The students get admission on performance on these exams, which private universities administer.

The top exams at private universities include the ones listed below:

  • BITSAT: Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test.
  • VITEEE: Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam.
  • AEEE: Amrita Entrance Examination (Engineering).
  • DTU: Delhi Technical University KIITEE: Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Entrance Examination.
  • GITAM gat: Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management.
  • AMUEEE: Aligarh Muslim University Engineering Entrance Exam

The Primary Difference between State Engineering Exams and JEE?

The fact that JEE is the most popular test in our nation is a significant benefit of taking it. The best universities in India, including NITs and IITs, accept it. Additionally, because of the JEE’s repute, candidates can use their JEE score to get admitted to other prestigious universities around the nation. As a result, JEE 2022 is one primary route that allows students to choose their college based on their academic performance and eliminates the need for other entrance tests.

Therefore, many coaching institutes in the country are offering online IIT-JEE classes, too, which benefits students in numerous ways.

Writing state-level exams does have some restrictions, though. Only colleges in the same state as the exam may be selected. If candidates want to enroll in a college in another state, they must take different exams because the results of state-level exams are not recognized outside of the state. For students, it will only be a hassle.

Therefore, if students wish to enroll in any reputable university in India, they should concentrate on the JEE examination rather than the state-level ones. It serves as a means of being admitted anywhere in our nation.


We have covered everything about our nation’s various entrance exam forms. We also observed the significant disparities between assessments at the national versus state levels. From this blog, one can conclude the advantages of both the formats of entrance exams, and it depends entirely on the students which entrance they wish to appear for. Once they decide, they can get guidance from either offline or online IIT-JEE coaching, whichever is convenient.

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