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CSIR-NET Coaching for Life Sciences

Life Sciences is a pretty vast subject and deals with the study of the living organism and life processed from botany, zoology to the microbial world, physiology, and other related subjects. 

If you are an aspirant who wishes to crack the CSIR-NET life sciences for JRF/LS, you’ve come to the right place.

Here the online tutorial for GATEIIT will be your perfect guidance throughout this journey and help you out with the right study material, tips, counselling, and practice protocols that will boost up your learning process. our courses aiming that every single student understands all the different concepts of biological science and that we explain them with utmost simplicity to all our students regardless of the difficulty level.

Why study at our online classes for your CSIR- NET preparation?

  1. Our courses are vast and varied from online to classroom, summer and winter courses to 6-month courses or yearlong courses along with crash courses as well.
  2. Our faculty members are trained professionals in their respective fields and are highly experienced. Hence, they guide well on the right paths and mould you so that you can excel in the examination.
  3. The study material provided by us will help you for your Online CSIR NET coaching in such a way that all your concepts are revised thoroughly and it is easy to understand. With topics-wise segregation and question and answers based on your paper patterns. From E-content to books and question banks, we share everything with you all.
  4. Tests are frequently conducted to make sure that the progress, improvement, and difficulties of each student can be carefully calculated. You need to understand the difficult topics and prepare accordingly for the same. This would help you to understand which subject needs more practice. All these can be easily tackled by conducting these periodical tests which might be chapter-wise or topic-wise, mock tests, or even full-length papers at our Coaching Online for CSIR NET.
  5. Doubt clearing sessions are organized so that all the various doubts of every student are addressed with proper attention so that their difficulties are solved as per the concepts.
  6. For online classes, we provide pre-recorded videos and LIVE online classes facilities to fit their schedules thus saving their time and money.

How to prepare for CSIR-NET Life Sciences exam with the help of our Online CSIR NET Coaching?

  • Stop delaying and start preparing in advance.

  • Be thorough with the syllabus and all concepts only then solving papers will make sense and give you a more generalized idea of how the questions usually come.

  • Focus on clearing fundamentals before touching difficult and lengthier concepts.

  • Keep revising and brushing up on all the topics frequently since the syllabus is huge you need to make sure all topics are fresh in your mind.

  • Solve previous year’s question papers and mock papers and tally their answers.

With the help of these tips and the guidance of the experts of GATEIIT, you can surely crack the examinations.

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Student Testimonials

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"It changed me from almost nobody to a somebody that I am today. I am very grateful to GATEIIT, without whom my achievement would not have been possible at all."
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"GATEIIT helped me to approach topics in systematic manner, and most importantly provided a peer-group that ensured that I put in the efforts required to scale an examination the magnitude of IIT-JEE."
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"Very carefully planned study material that helped a lot for entrance exams as well as monitoring and analysis. The teachers are very helpful and easy to approach. The guidance programme also helped immensely. Joining GATEIIT made the difference for me."