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10 Usual Mistakes Made While Preparing For The IIT-JEE Exam!

10 Usual Mistakes Made While Preparing For The IIT-JEE Exam!

It is a well-known saying that hindsight is always 20/20. When students study for the IIT JEE from any offline or online IIT-JEE coaching and don’t perform well to their expectations, they often review their performances and quickly identify their flaws. In this article, we’ll go through how to prepare effectively so that you don’t make the same mistakes twice and get the most outstanding JEE scores possible.

10 Usual Mistakes Made While Preparing For The IIT-JEE Exam:

1. Failure to Follow the JEE Syllabus:

The JEE exam will never test your understanding of the subjects not covered by the syllabus. It is effortless to go tangent to the course and study topics not covered by the syllabus while studying for an exam. This will turn out to be a massive waste of time and energy. So make sure you are entirely familiar with the JEE syllabus and concentrate on that.

Getting guidance from expert mentors from offline or online IIT-JEE coaching will help you get the details of the IIT-JEE exam syllabus.

2. Not Sticking to the Timetable:

As we have already stated, the JEE preparation process is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a pace. It serves no purpose to study all night for two consecutive nights and then neglect your books for the following five days. You will undoubtedly see progress if you put up a sincere effort every day.

Having a timetable to prepare for IIT-JEE is an essential step toward the success of the exam.

3. Not Giving Every Subject Equal Priority:

Some students pay attention to their “passion subjects” or review material they already know. As the JEE approaches, it will get harder and harder to develop competence in subjects that you find challenging if you stay in your comfort zone.

Make every subject your priority. Any negligence will cost you. Getting the best online coaching for IIT-JEE will benefit you since coaching institutes make you study every subject, which students tend to miss by remaining in their comfort zone.

4. Overconfidence is an Enemy:

Another error is taking chemistry less seriously because you often do well and work on math and physics because you find them difficult. To avoid unexpected shocks, it is advisable to schedule enough time for each of the three subjects and to continue practicing problems often.

5. Not asking for Help or Guidance:

Self-study is a crucial component of JEE preparation. However, attempting to study on your own without study guides or online IIT JEE coaching sessions may not be the best decision. Consider enrolling in IIT JEE online coaching sessions like one of Online GATE IIT if you live in a small town without easy access to high-quality instruction or don’t want to waste valuable time traveling to and from a physical coaching center.

6. Overspending on Reference Books:

Most students who don’t sign up for coaching classes purchase numerous reference books. It might be pretty confusing and time-consuming to switch between books constantly. We advise you to use the NCERT books to lay a solid conceptual basis and to examine only a few well-chosen texts, such as HC Verma for physics, for extra guidance. You have no use turning your house into a library by purchasing tomes like Irodov if you haven’t even finished studying the books you already own.

7. Keeping Doubts to Yourself and not resolving them:

Some students are hesitant and insecure about asking lecturers questions, while others take practice exams without reviewing their answers to determine where they made mistakes. Ensure that you utilize all of the tools at your disposal. Approach your IIT-JEE online coaching with
freedom and ask your teacher any questions you have.

8. Failure To Evaluate Your Performance:

Don’t forget to assess your comprehension by practicing tasks and taking periodic tests conducted by your online IIT-JEE coaching classes as you lay a solid conceptual basis. Timed practice exams force you to tackle challenging issues while closely mimicking the JEE examination format.

By doing these exams, you can develop your ability to spot and identify mistakes. But make sure to evaluate your performance after each test so you can correct any errors. Making a note of foolish mistakes and paying close attention to where you went wrong will help you avoid repeating the same mistakes.

9. Not Enough Exercise, Relaxation, or Sleep:

Ensure to dedicate some time to recreational pursuits. Don’t shun your pals, and don’t expect only to study. Take everyday exercise. Exercise may clear your thoughts, whether you play football or take a walk around your colony. Sleep is important. You will have ample time to study, eat and sleep healthily if you avoid distractions like TV and social media.

10. Being overly Harsh with Yourself:

Even though the IIT JEE is a crucial test, many students struggle under pressure. In the weeks before the exam, it’s critical to maintain your composure and suppress self-doubt so you can recall your study material when needed. To give your best performance, be kind to yourself and confident in your talents.

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